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After have done proper market research the first step for entering in the Canadian market is to establish a corporation here. Open a corporation is important for different reasons:

  • Office Presence
  • Banking
  • Benefits from the Canadian Government
  • Building a history in the territory

Diginess is your trausted partner

When you open a company in Canada you have different options. Your options change according to the type of company, the province you choose, and the type of corporation.

It’s important to work with a partner that can guide you in the decision and be proactive when the time comes.

Open a company in Canada it’s easy, having somebody that helps you to make that company growth can be a real challenge. Our goal is to see your Canadian company evolve and build something together.

It’s all about timing

The soon the better. Having a corporation in Canada will help you in the future for traveling in the country, create a credit history, find partners, and much more. The sooner you are able to open a Canadian office the faster you will be able to benefit from it.

This approach is very cost-effective and has numerous benefits for the future of your company here in Canada.

We promote & support
your business in Canada

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