ICE – MIPAAF campaign

branding, communications and event management

Working with the Italian Trade Agency was a natural fit for Diginess. Leveraging our resources both here in Toronto and Venice, we were able to meet the challenges of developing an engaging printed piece, with a touch of elegance, and a pinch flair!
We were able to convey the Trade Commissions’ mandate to promote the very best of Italian foods, by creating, designing and producing a pocket-sized tabbed booklet, educating consumers on the PDO and PGI designations at Castello Italia in June 2016. As part of the total experience, Diginess created a short video, signage, and had staff on hand to engage visitors and collect consumer data.
We continue to work on the campaign with ICE, managing events at Terroni Restaurant in Toronto, creating French collateral for food events in Quebec, as well as a larger scale event with the LCBO in early 2017.

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