Today we were invited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West to be a speaker at BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN WESTERN CANADA AND EUROPE  a great event to connect European companies with Canadian associations and businesses.

During the event, we had the opportunity to present our talk about: 

How to run a successful e-commerce in Canada

First, we have addressed the situation herein Canada about e-commerce. Because it’s true that retails are closing moving clients towards online solutions but it’s also true that sectors like entrainments and tourism that are historically the best e-commerce sectors are in deep crisis. So while we have Zara closing up 1200 store to double the investment in e-commerce we have unicorn companies like Airbnb that are fighting to survive. 

If you running a business now more than ever you need to have a strong online presence and you need to understand that the market is changing completely even online.  Below are our tips about how to run your e-shop!

Our 10+1 tips for your e-shop strategy:

Look at the trends and stats to understand how the market is evolving, and if your products/services will be successful, it’s essential.

On the right, you can see how LCBO (Ontario Liquor Store) performs in 2020 in red compared to 2019 in blue. As you can see, there is a big opportunity considering that now the restaurants can sell wine to the public.

Do NOT worry too much about the platform you are using.

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop are all good platforms. You can create something custom either but leave the decision to the expert. You need to invest your time in developing the business not becoming a developer.

Too many times I hear online you can sell everything and probably it’s true but there is a market and how big it is, that’s a different conversation.

Work on your images and videos. This is what the users are looking for. Sometimes it’s everything you need. Look at the Nike website it’s a great example of a product page.

Shipping in Canada is not an easy task but there are companies that can help you to find the best price. I recommend Flagship. It’s very intuitive and efficient. 

A lot of my clients think that working with influencers it’s not worth it and it’s very expensive but they are wrong.

  • target influencers with 5k to 50k
  • ask for products reviews
  • ask for comments, video, testimonials
  • create for them giveaways
  • give them template to use for their social 

There are different emails that you can use to increase your sales

  • abounded cart
  • discount
  • referral
  • thank you
  • win a prize 
  • comeback

Create Scarcity! People are funny sometimes and even if it’s not necessary there is an instinct that makes us buy when there is scarcity. We fear that it is not enough and we will be left without. This works offline and as well online.

Customize your reviews. 
:et your users know more about the people that are leaving the reviews. People buy more when they read from people that are alike.
For example, if I’m buying shoes for running I will be more interested in users that are a runner like me more than people coming from other sports because their use and experience it’s similar to mine.

The decision between multichannel to omnichannel it’s critical and can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Be aware of what are your resources.

Here a list of free resources:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Alert
  • Design Tool
  • Free Icons
  • Free Photos
  • Chat
  • Email

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