Import Cannabis in Canada

Canada is striving to become the world leader for the production and commercialization of cannabis.

Since legalization, cannabis imports and exports in and out of Canada have been minimal, but the numbers are increasing rapidly.

At the moment, it’s legal to import cannabis for the following reasons:

  • medical purpose
  • research

And only in small quantities, however, is not define what a small amount is and the law is incomplete evolution, so the future opportunities will be massive.

In Canada, the international trade of cannabis is governed by the Cannabis Act (Act) and its regulations. Inside the document, you will find all the info you need and the section for the importing permit.




Accordingly, the Act regulates both cannabis and other products included within that definition, such as CBD and products containing CBD. Each import or export shipment requires a permit. 

Permits carry an issuance and expiry date and are only valid for an onetime specific shipment. Consistent with the overall approach of control in the UN drug control treaties, Health Canada’s general policy is to issue import or export permits in limited circumstances, including:

  • Importing starting materials (e.g., seeds, plants) for a new license holder;
  • Exporting cannabis products to another country with a legal regime for access to cannabis for medical purposes; or
  • Importing or exporting small quantities of marijuana for scientific purposes (e.g., research or testing).

Is it worth importing Cannabis in Canada?

At this time, there are many limitations, and the cons are more than the pros, but I believe it’s essential to have the product in the market at an early stage. Here are some points to consider:

  • Canada is growing at a fast pace, the Cannabis Act is new, and it will keep evolving for the next few years opening new opportunities.
  • Canada is promoting himself as a leader globally, which means that all the best companies will be sooner or later enter in this market.
  • Canada has always been one of the best places to test a new product thanks to a multicultural society.
  • Entering in an early stage in a fast-paced, growing market means to be present when the market is open with a law that will allow importing of cannabis for recreational use.

In conclusion, if you are importing your cannabis product in Canada in 2020, you need to be here for the long run.