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Mission - Thor & Partners


We are a unique blend of tradition and innovation which is what sets us apart and becomes the inspiration for every job we do.


We work with the ambition of pursuing excellence in what we love doing.
It is the same ambition that inspired us since the founding of our company in 1978. We thrive on people’s passion and their desire and determination to make a difference. We are different. In leadership skills, cultural background and know how. We are a unique mix where tradition and innovation meet and inspires the work that set us apart from all the rest.


Our experience with overseas jobs enables us to have the necessary expertise to meet any kind of request. Our past has been marked by people who guided us with their innovative spirit and their will to win every challenge. And this is exactly the way we want to shape our future.

Our strategy depends on our objectives and not the opposite. We love what we do and we do what we love. Our success is the result of the collaboration among people who share the same passion.

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