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Chemicals - Thor & Partners

New Generation Cleaners and Sealers


All our sealer for marble, stone and granite are suitable for food contact.

  • Full absorbing ant stain sealers for polished surfaces. Does not change the natural colour of the material, where it is applied on.  Protects the surfaces from staining substances like oil, coffee, grease. It protects from dirt in general and makes cleaning easier.
  • Ant stain sealers for sandstone in general, rough marble, granite, agglomerates.

Does not change the colour of the stone.

  • Full-absorption sealer, it does not leave residues on the surface.
  • Certified antibacterial protective treatment, water based. The antibacterial treatment MPJ K inhibits the growth of molds and bacteria, eliminating them owing to the oligo dynamic action of silver ions. MPJ K ANTIBACTERIAL is certificated from accredited laboratories for being food compatible.
  • BrickCover, sealer for concrete and porous stone is the ultimate protection against mildew, bacteria, nitrates, efflorescence and maintains a healthy environment. The treatment is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Brickcover penetrates into the structure and allows the material to breathe normally and leaves no surface film. Brickcover protects paving from deterioration and renders it resistant to freezing / thawing cycles. When applied correctly, the treatment is guaranteed for 8-10 years.
  • Wet-effect treatment for reviving the natural colour of ancient-finished marble and tumbled cobblestones that due to processing have a whitened aspect.
  • Suitable for reviving all natural stones.
  • Protects from dirt and offers a good water-repellence.   
  • The product does not turn yellow and is resistant to wear.

Due to the large number of historical buildings in Europe there are a great rang of products that have been develop specifically for restoration and protection. Since Canada contains significantly less historical buildings and has a smaller popula6on spread over a significantly larger geographic area there has been little to no interest for European restoration products to be distributed in Canada. Our long and successful relationship with various European chemical and equipment manufactures has allowed us to be exclusive distributors for Sealers, stone, wood, glass and metal cleaner

Moisture inhibitors
Daily Stone and Environmentally friendly cleaners Microfibre clothes eliminating the need for many harsh chemicals.

Specialized diamond maintenance pads


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